Clear WHS provides an automated process for the delivery and acceptance of Risk Assessment/SWMS to Contractors/Employees and to the Client Manager, if required, for each Work Order when the Work Order is being actioned.
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Signup and Register

  1. The Contractor selects a payment plan and registers their first, main user.
  2. The Contractor then logs on and registers their Workers and their contact details and licences.
  3. The Workers get sent an email with their logon details and a link so they can download the APP
  4. The first User registered has Admin access to the account
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Create or Amend your SWMS

  1. The Contractor can select from the central library of SWMS and modify it and save their own version for later use.
  2. Once modified and saved the SWMS is unique and can only be accessed by the Contractor's users.
  3. Using the web browser the User can create an entirely new SWMS using the online Create SWMS process within minutes.
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Allocate and send the SWMS

  1. The Contractor receives a Job/Work Order notification from their FM Company or Client.
  2. The Contractor inputs simple details like Job/Work Order number, description of Job/Work Order and the Client work address into the system.
  3. The Contractor selects which SWMS to apply to the Job/Work Order from the central library or from their own versions.
  4. The Contractor allocates the Workers to the Job/Work Order and then selects Generate to generate the PDF's.
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Send SWMS to Workers

  1. The SWMS are then generated as PDF(s) for all workers for the job/work order.
  2. Worker(s) log onto the App and the SWMS that apply to each Job/Work Order and allocated to them are downloaded to their device.
  3. The App requests that the Worker verifies that they are On-Site and asks for which job/Work Order
  4. The system logs the Date & Time that the Worker is logged as On-Site.
  5. The Worker opens and reads the SWMS and then digitally signs it with their signature on their mobile device.
  6. The system Date & Time stamps when the Worker has signed the SWMS.
  7. The signed PDF is sent at the first network opportunity to the central system.
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Send SWMS to Workers
SWMS Management & Audit

SWMS Management & Audit

  1. If, after a pre-set period of time, for example, 15 minutes, the Worker has not signed the SWMS for the Job/Work Order then the system raises an alert against the Work Order
  2. When the job is done the Worker can specify the completion and going Off-Site or the system will automatically detect that the Worker has left the site.
  3. The system logs the Date & Time for the Worker going Off-Site
  4. The Admin user can download and then attach the signed PDF to the Invoice for the Job.
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